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2024 Regular Classes


New decade, new year, new beginnings! Join us as we bring your kids on an inter-disciplinary, multi-sensory learning journey that brings left and right brain together to bridge the gap between the Arts and the Sciences.

Learn science, tech, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) every term while making a tinkering project a week! At the end of the Tykes journey, your kid will have all the math, science and computational thinking tools to start coding with the big kids at Techie Tribe.

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Our Approach to Tech Education

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GAIN Tech skills

Learn Python, JavaScript, Scratch, AppInventor and more from experienced instructors. 

There's no compromise to strong fundamentals.

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USE Expressive tools

Use art, music, animation, design, theatre, and empathy to inspire and find your creative voice through tech. 

Give tech skills a reason to exist.

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TELL meaningful stories

We all tell stories. Whether it's a piece of work, a start-up pitch, a demo day, a personal experience, a cause close to our heart or an important conversation.


Make your story count.


Techie Core

At our Core, we are a coding school.

We teach kids and teens foundations in computer programming for web, data science, mobile, animations and games.

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Blockly for Animation& Games

Desk Computer Screens

JavaScript for Web


for Data

Techie Collective

But we also believe that tech serves a greater purpose, which is creative expression. This is the heart and soul of STEAM education (science, tech, engineering, arts and math).

That's why our Techie Collective comprise electives courses that give students greater opportunity to apply their coding skills to artistic and creative self-expression.

Wall Art


Music Recording

Techie Tunes

Theater Lights

Techie Theatre

Regular Weekly Classes

Registration is open!

... and more

About us

Meet the Team


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Steph is passionate about giving kids a meaningful education. Having always wanted to straddle both the humanities as well as the sciences, she co-founded Techie Tribe so that kids would never feel torn between the two. Instead, she hopes that every child will be able to see artistry and humanity in math and science, as well as the logic & science behind art, music, and society. Prior to Techie Tribe, Steph co-founded and led one of Singapore’s leading coding schools, teaching hundreds of children & young adults in the process. In her previous lives, she was also a practicing mergers & acquisitions lawyer and a political analyst in the civil service.


This is a great place to tell people more about yourself and peak their interest.

For more info, they can follow you on social in a click.

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Coco is a former web application developer who has spent the last few years inspiring and nurturing over a hundred kids through tech education, tinkering and design thinking. A mother of two, she understands the challenges parents face when trying to give their children a quality education. Having lived for nearly a decade in Switzerland, Coco has grown into a firm proponent of learning through imaginative play, tinkering and self-directed discovery. With her tech, multi-cultural background and experience, Coco hopes to contribute to the development of every child she comes across in having an inquiring mind and an inventor’s spirit.

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