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Web 101: Intro to Web

HOLIDAY CAMP | in person | Ages 11-19 | 2hrs x 5 lessons | Mon-Fri

  • 480 Singapore dollars
  • Central / North / West / East

Service Description

This intro course is for absolute beginners interested in how the web works and how to build your own website! Learn the basics of computer programming using JavaScript, and the associated mark-up language HTML and CSS. Coding is the writing of instructions for a computer to execute. Like any written language, it has expressive power. What says "this is me, hear me roar!" more than your very own website ;) Gain not only a key skill in the digital age, but also the potential to find world wide web-fame! 01 / Computer Science Concepts - sequencing - variables - loops - conditionals 02 / HTML + CSS - Basic HTML tags & position - Inline vs External CSS - CSS Selector - CSS Class - CSS ID 03 / Computational Thinking Skills - Algorithms - Pattern Recognition 04 / Ideas in Web Design - How the Internet works - How the websites work - Anatomy of a web page - Static vs interactive websites - Structuring a website with directories (folder) - Design simple web-based applications and games REQUEST TO BOOK AND SIGN UP FOR YOUR PREFERRED TIME SLOT - 0900-1100 hrs - 1130-1330 hrs - 1400-1600 hrs - 1630-1830 hrs 2hrs x 5 lessons | Camp starts every Monday | Lessons daily from Mon-Fri

Cancellation Policy

You are entitled to reschedule if you notify us at least 7 days prior to the course start date. The first reschedule is free, subsequent changes are subject to a $50 admin fee. No refunds, no rescheduling and no store credit will be given for any cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the course start date.

Contact Details

+65 8875 7560

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