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Learn JavaScript 
for Web

(Ages 11-21)

JavaScript Intro Series

Web 101 - Intro to Web

10 hours

In-person or Online

This intro course is for absolute beginners interested in how the web works and how to build your own website! Learn the basics of computer programming using JavaScript, and the associated mark-up language HTML and CSS in our coding classes for kids. 


Coding is the writing of instructions for a computer to execute. Like any written language, it has expressive power. What says "this is me, hear me roar!" more than your very own website ;) Gain not only a key skill in the digital age, but also the potential to find world wide web-fame when you build your own home page and online game!

Brain Storming on Paper

Intro to web programming


Computer Science Concepts

  • sequencing

  • variables

  • conditionals

  • data types



  • Basic HTML tags

  • Inline, Internal vs External CSS

  • CSS Positioning

  • Using CSS Selector

  • Class vs ID Selector



  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • JavaScript syntax


Ideas in Web Design

  • How the Internet works

  • How websites work

  • Anatomy of a web page

  • Static vs interactive websites

  • Structuring a website with directories (folder)

  • Design a home page

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